Remuneration Report

The remuneration policy for the Executive Board is designed to attract, reward, incentivise and retain qualified and expert individuals that the company needs to achieve its strategic objectives. The remuneration policy provides for a fixed component and a variable component (short-term incentive). The company does not operate a long-term incentive scheme.

In 2023, the Supervisory Board requested PricewaterhouseCoopers Accountants N.V.’s Focus Orange, to carry out a salary benchmark. As in 2019, the benchmark was completed on the basis of remuneration in peer companies, that is companies operating in a comparable (international) market with a roughly similar risk profile and size as Royal HaskoningDHV. The Supervisory Board evaluated the remuneration package of the Executive Board. The elements of compensation taken into account include base salary and the short-term incentive. Furthermore, the ratio between the total remuneration of the Executive Board relative to the average remuneration in the company is also a consideration.

The variable remuneration of the EB consists of various elements.  Besides financial performance and profitable growth, one of the other specific targets set is in relation to Enhancing Society Together which contributes to the long-term value creation by the company. The Supervisory Board has verified and is comfortable with the potential pay-out of the variable remuneration component for various scenarios as prescribed by the Netherlands Corporate Governance Code.