Welcome to our 2022 Annual and Sustainability Report: Driving Positive Impact.

This year, we have combined financial and sustainability updates in our report to provide comprehensive information to our stakeholders. We are excited to take this step in our reporting journey, fully aligned with our purpose of enhancing society together and our ambition to progress towards an integrated report.

In 2022 we grew our company. We continued our focus on innovation and saw an increasing demand for our engineering, design and consultancy services combined with our technology and software. Throughout last year, we again made major societal contributions with numerous projects linked to climate change and energy transition.

Year in Review

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About this report

This report presents our global performance in 2022.

The financial statements were prepared in accordance with Title 9, Book 2 of the Dutch Civil Code, and the official PDF version was audited by PricewaterhouseCoopers Accountants N.V.

The sustainability information in this report was prepared with reference to the GRI Standards. For more information on the scope of this report, please refer to the section About this report.

Download the official PDF version of the report.

Read how we reference the GRI Standards in our GRI content index.

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