Our Global Leading Markets and the Netherlands

The need for solutions to the complex challenges faced by countries, societies and businesses is more important than ever. In this, Royal HaskoningDHV has an important role to play.

We design, safeguard, and maintain assets in our living environments that form the backbone of society – from buildings and infrastructure to energy and water supplies, industrial sites, transport systems and more. 

We aim for growth in nine global leading markets where we have a strong position and are renowned for our expertise – allowing us to innovate, attract clients and talents, and be profitable. In these markets we would like to operate on a global scale, offering three main services:

  • Engineering and design services – building on our deep domain knowledge and ability to tackle clients’ complex demands, 

  • Consultancy services – being a trusted advisor for clients who are increasingly considering total cost of ownership,

  • Software and technology – supporting clients to optimise the performance of their assets by combining software and technology with our domain knowledge.

Global Leading Markets

Climate resilience

Our focus is on creating resilient strategies and systems for governments, businesses and industries, enabling them to cope with extreme weather events and keep climate-related damage and losses to a minimum. By combining expertise in flood protection with predictive analysis, forecasting and early warning, we are increasing climate resilience for communities, critical infrastructure and the global supply chain.
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Data centres

We have been involved in the emergence and development of data centres and other mission critical facilities from the pioneer phase, delivering facilities that enable business, operations and systems to operate continuously. From our market-leading position, we are continually innovating to enable data centres to run more effectively and efficiently, with increasing reliability, while using less water and energy. We are mindful of the wider environment, optimising space, ensuring architecture is appropriate, and embracing synergies such as heat exchange with local homes and businesses.
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Intermodal transport hubs

Intermodal transport hubs bring together the seamless integration of air, rail and road services which are central to the infrastructure of modern economies. Having defined world-leading airport design for over 70 years, we are leading the way in pioneering solutions for multi-modal transport hubs to deliver improved accessibility and sustainable growth. From intermodal transit links and crowd control, to master planning and infrastructure design, we’re shaping the new generation of sustainable intermodal transport hubs.
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Light industry

Ever-changing consumer demand and behaviour are driving transformations in global light industry. We help our clients stay ahead by developing modular, flexible, automated, and sustainable solutions to meet escalating demands. Our services cover the whole supply chain, from business case consultancy to manufacturing, process engineering, and supply chain and operations consultancy. We support product manufacturers to expand into new countries, adapt to changing patterns of demand, reduce their time-to-market and adopt new technologies to manage risk, remain competitive and future proof their investments. Supply chain planning, efficient production strategies and sustainable manufacturing are all part of the mix.
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Our global maritime consultants specialise in the planning and design of marine facilities, ports, terminals, and shipyards. We help our clients with the transition to smarter and greener ports, improving their performance, energy efficiency, environmental standards and safety by combining our knowledge of marine structures and operations with digital solutions.
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Renewable energy & Decarbonisation of industry

As frontrunner in the energy transition, we combine technical expertise and management consultancy to support clients with strategy and programmes for the transition to a low carbon economy. We work on a large variety of projects, from offshore wind and renewable energy infrastructure to advising regions in the Netherlands how to move away from natural gas. We also advise building owners on reducing their energy use and moving to renewable sources.
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Sustainable mobility

Mobility is undergoing a seismic shift across the world. Growing demand brings increasing pressure on mobility systems, which face disruption from new technologies and changing behaviour. To help clients optimise their mobility network, we bring together cutting-edge technology with tailored transport strategy and expert implementation. Our passion for well-designed sustainable mobility focuses on people and communities to help improve the way the world moves.
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Tunnels & Structures

In busy cities and ports, tunnels and underground structures are making a tangible difference in connecting communities and enhancing accessibility. We specialise in soft soil tunnelling and immersed tunnels. Our integrated approach means clients can access the design, construction, operation, and management of tunnels all under one roof – from landmark projects to cost-effective designs. 
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Water technology

Extensive knowledge combined with our digital experience enables us to help clients with tailored technological solutions for water supply and wastewater to create the water utility of the future. We develop, design and implement smart solutions and software so clients can improve operations, provide safe water at affordable cost, and treat wastewater to high standards while saving on energy and recovering valuable resources. We continue to innovate and bring new solutions to the market together with our partners, such as Nereda, Nereda Package Plants, Ephyra, Kaumera, and our digital twin and Aquasuite software.
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The Netherlands

In the Netherlands we are the market leader with our full portfolio of services – a position we aim to strengthen. Governments, corporate clients and knowledge institutes in the Netherlands recognise us and involve us in future developments across the board. This reflects our scale, brand and innovation position in the Netherlands and creates a level of comfort for further growth and development. Best practices in our global leading markets around the globe will underpin our position in the Netherlands. In turn, we can apply the expertise developed in the Netherlands and in our offices around the world to grow our global leading markets.
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