Our Strategy

Header image: Digital transformation is creating new challenges for organisations in every sector. Meanwhile, along come new opportunities like the digital twin: a virtual copy of a real-world asset, process or system. This virtual copy provides insight into how assets behave under simulated conditions, helping our clients to improve decision-making and optimise assets and operations. Read more about digital twins on our website

Trends and developments

Our world is changing and so must we. Climate reports, like the IPCC 2021 report, say there is no time to waste to take the necessary actions to reduce climate change and mitigate its impact. There is a widespread need to build a future in which people, business and the environment are safe and can thrive in harmony.

The urgency of the climate and environmental challenge, together with Covid-19 and geopolitical shifts, are prompting new questions from our clients – increasing our opportunity for influence. Supply chains are being reconsidered and companies are re-evaluating physical assets to reduce their emissions towards net zero and increase flexibility and resilience. Lifecycle thinking is emerging as organisations seek opportunities to improve their carbon footprint and operational efficiency. Additionally, there is a growing trend to build for use and create circular structures which can be re-purposed for future applications.

At the same time, digital technologies are increasingly being adopted by the market. Automation brings new insights and solutions. It has already changed many industries and will do the same for design and engineering, impacting our business model. Data collected and software used in designing and constructing buildings and infrastructure can also play an important role in the operational phase. Furthermore, the use of ecosystems of digital twins representing assets, processes and systems will improve efficiency, lower costs, and help to solve complex challenges.

We also see the competitor landscape is changing with for example financial consultants offering environmental consultancy services, construction companies offering digital engineering and start-ups offering low-cost design tools. This is driven by the forementioned digital adoption by the market but also by clients requiring more comprehensive advice and support.

Last but not least, the war on talent is real, especially in our sectors of engineering, design and (digital) consultancy and also for software and technology.

To become future ready and continue our purpose of enhancing society for our children’s children, we must take these trends into account, focus on where we want to play and refine how we win.


During 2021, a new, refined strategic framework has been developed in a process which has involved executive teams, the global leadership group and many internal stakeholders to ensure it connects with our purpose, our people and our clients’ needs. Our new strategy for 2022-2025, Stronger25, builds upon our purpose, Enhancing Society Together, driving further delivery on it. And it creates a stronger focus building on our strongholds.

At the forefront of our Stronger25 strategy is our purpose Enhancing Society Together; it drives us and helps to distinguish ourselves in the market. It’s also our daily compass:

‘We care deeply about our people, our clients, and society at large. We take responsibility for having a positive impact on the world and we constantly challenge ourselves and others to develop sustainable solutions to local and global issues. We feel the urgency and are committed to accelerating the measurable benefits we deliver.
We act with integrity and transparency and hold ourselves to the highest standards of environmental and social governance. We are diverse and inclusive. We will not compromise the safety or well-being of our team or communities – no matter the circumstances.
We actively collaborate with clients, partners and stakeholders in projects and initiatives, together. Our actions, big and small, will drive the positive change the world needs, and will enhance society now and for the future.’

As part of our strategy, we aim to deliver measurable impact in our projects and our own operations. We will focus on five Enhancing Society Together themes where we can have the most influence and which will be refined further in 2022. The themes are climate change, biodiversity & natural systems, resources & circularity, social value & equality, and safety & well-being. These will guide us and relate to specific UN Sustainable Development Goals to protect the planet, end poverty and ensure that by 2030 people everywhere enjoy peace and prosperity. The five themes are relevant to everything we do – for our people and our clients, the way we operate as an organisation, and how we implement our projects. They will also be the fundament to report on our impact and progress.
Read more about the introduction and implementation of these five themes in the chapter Enhancing Society Together, Looking forward

We believe that we can excel and grow in nine global leading markets where we are already successful. Within the Netherlands, we can also strengthen our leading market position with focused growth on a number of themes.
Read more about this in the chapter Global Leading Markets and the Netherlands

We will shift our services mix to tailor it better to the complex challenges facing our clients, for instance with the combination of our digital consultancy services and our design and engineering services. We will also step up in software and technology in the water market whilst applying our domain knowledge.

We aim to become employer of choice; developing, retaining and attracting diverse talents needed to achieve our ambitions.

The Stronger25 focus will drive our investment calendar for the coming years and enable growth in turnover and to an EBITA of 8% in 2025.

Outline of our strategy 2022-2025.