The work of engineers touches every aspect of daily life – from transport systems to water technology, manufacturing processes to data connectivity, energy production to food networks, and more. Royal HaskoningDHV is involved in all these areas and, because of our important role in society, we set ourselves the highest ambitions. We seek to enhance society and protect the future for generations to come.

Header image: We see growth in climate resilience, as governments and companies react to protect people, the built environment and their operations against extreme weather events. For example, for Madagascar's capital city we contributed to a study on urban resilience adaptation strategies. Read more about this project on our website

In 2021, sustainable and climate-neutral practices rose up the agenda of many organisations. This was partly influenced by media reports from COP 26, but also through coverage of the IPCC 2021 report and its stark conclusions on the urgent need to reduce climate change and mitigate its impact. The business case for sustainability is compelling and key to an organisation’s long-term future. Pressure for change is being driven by investors, the need to safeguard continuity, demands from consumers and regulators, and because organisations appreciate that it is the right thing to do. We are in a position to lead the way for our clients, in the process strengthening relationships and delivering on our ambition. We continue to innovate, look into the future and challenge ourselves and our clients to implement solutions which help their operations become more predictable and resilient but also more sustainable.

Supporting clients in their decarbonisation agenda

With climate change and business continuity on every business agenda, we are seeing demands connected to the drive to net zero, the energy transition, climate resilience and carbon taxes. Our activity in innovations connected to decarbonisation – including green hydrogen and carbon capture – puts us in a good position to help realise practical new solutions in these areas. We have a well-established position in renewables in northern Europe which creates a platform for investments across the globe.

Strong prospects across our leading markets

We are also in a good position to help clients meet the advancing digitisation in all sectors in which we are active. The urgency on sustainability and continued drive for efficiency mean that software and technology, which are increasingly part of our activities, are expected to grow across all areas. Our software business in particular is set to continuous growth. Also, our digital consultancy, with which we help our clients further digitise and reap the benefits thereof, is of high added value to our clients. Another area where we see significant growth is in climate resilience, as governments and companies react to protect people, the built environment and operations against the devastating impact of more frequent and more extreme and ferocious weather events.

The pressure to review and adapt supply chains to build resilience and respond more quickly to consumer demands is resulting in increased investment by light industry, particularly in brownfield developments. Similarly, demand for data centres continues to expand. The focus provided by Stronger25 enables us to capitalise on developments such as these. We anticipate further growth and increased margins across all nine leading global markets and in our core country of the Netherlands, where government investment in mobility and infrastructure remains particularly strong.

Employer of choice

The ability to attract and retain diverse talented colleagues remains critical to our ability to grow. Our focus on complex challenges enables us to offer exciting opportunities to colleagues. By further embedding Enhancing Society Together into our projects and daily work, we reinforce our ambition to be employer of choice for employees who are motivated by our mission. We continue to emphasise the well-being of colleagues, finding the right balance in hybrid working, responding to Covid-19 measures, and enabling colleagues to stay connected to each other and to the company. During 2022, we will invest further in programmes to develop our people and attract new talent.

Russia and Ukraine

We are closely monitoring the Russian - Ukrainian conflict. Until further notice we have suspended all work on Russian projects. We will follow the imposed EU/UN sanctions and also specific sanctions by countries we operate in. Given the limited amount and size of projects in the Russia region, the impact on our company will likely be marginal.

Leading the way in Enhancing Society Together

Humanity is running out of time to limit global warming to 1.5°C. The urgent need for change poses challenges to the environment, to society and to the economy. These challenges cannot be addressed in isolation. By collaborating closely with clients and stakeholders, we are offering new perspectives on the bigger societal and technological picture. We are shaping innovative solutions to help societies everywhere make the transition to smart and sustainable. At the same time, we have strong regard to the ethical implications of these solutions, to ensure we are driving positive change at every level: globally and locally, for our today and our tomorrow. Join with us in choosing the sustainable route forward, shifting perspectives to turn today’s challenges into opportunities and transforming business operations to enhance society.

Amersfoort, the Netherlands
March 18, 2022

Executive Board

Erik Oostwegel (CEO)
Jasper de Wit (CFO)