The need for solutions to the complex challenges faced by countries, societies and businesses is more important than ever. In this, Royal HaskoningDHV has an important role to play. We design, safeguard and maintain assets in our living environments that form the backbone of society – from buildings and infrastructure to energy and water supplies, industrial sites and transport systems. In 2020, COVID-19 indicated just how important business continuity is for areas including food delivery chains, pharmaceutical activities, hospitals and so many others in the face of extreme disruption.

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Delft University of Technology President Tim van der Hagen (left) and Royal HaskoningDHV CEO Erik Oostwegel signing the Memorandum of Understanding to further strengthen existing collaboration in research, field labs, innovation, start-ups, education and talent.
Photo: TU Delft / Jens Kok

The pandemic is just one example; climate change and technological advances are others. Finding solutions requires a focus on purpose and a shift in the way we think, work and collaborate. Issues can no longer be addressed in isolation. End-to-end, multidimensional solutions are helping with the transitions by introducing new perspectives that aid businesses in transforming strategy into action, data and technology into opportunities and implementation into the practical steps that build resilient operations.

At Royal HaskoningDHV, we are bridging the gap between the traditional and the emerging, seamlessly integrating deep engineering intelligence with the latest digital technologies and software solutions to offer strategy consulting, technology and implementation. This integrated approach, bundling our capabilities with our clients’ expertise, allows us to cut through complexity and Enhance Society Together.


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Enhancing Society Together means that it’s important not only to focus on economic impact but social impact too. It’s essential that governments get planning right from the beginning, so we can reduce the risks and exposure of communities and organisations to extreme events. Plus there is a need for good collaboration between stakeholders in the public and private sectors.