We deliver products and services within the markets described below. Increasingly, our clients benefit from solutions that cross markets and disciplines. By combining in-depth knowledge across our company with predictive and creative insights, digital tools and applications, we continue to deliver services that are recognised as being at the forefront of their field and ensure business continuity. These also appear below, highlighted in italics.


We are known through our brands, NACO and InterVISTAS, as the world-leading aviation consultancy. We provide independent services to airports, airlines, governments, investors and contractors. We are experts in airport consultancy, transportation economics, policy and regulation advice, as well as finance. Our activities extend through master-planning, functional planning and design, building design and civil engineering. Our expertise in airport systems includes airport IT infrastructure and master-planning, as well as passenger terminal IT, security and baggage handling systems. With the knowledge and experience from our team of in-house experts, clients across the globe benefit from short communication lines and efficient project management. 


We have shaped over 600 airports in more than 100 countries with projects spanning major landmark designs to regional and domestic airports. In 2020, the aviation industry suffered unprecedented decline and disruption as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. In response, we have redoubled our efforts, ensuring that our clients are fully supported and continue to benefit from our state-of-the-art approaches. This not only includes our approaches to airport design where digital engineering tooling, 3D modelling and BIM technology are used to gather and analyse vast quantities of data, but also to forecasting expertise. This can be accessed and shared in real time to help our clients accurately understand, predict and direct passenger flows, improve their asset utilisation and deliver a better passenger experience.

Propensity to fly (PTF) is a useful indicator of air traffic levels in countries and gives insight into the potential for growth. The team at NACO and InterVISTAS have brought together 10 years of data and insights from 16 countries in Africa, including South Africa.


The manufacturing industry has to accelerate to integrate new technologies in their supply chains and operations to follow market needs. By working in close partnership with our consumer goods, food and beverage, pharmaceutical, oil and gas and chemical clients, we co-create solutions that are transforming industry through innovation. We develop digital solutions that design reliable, sustainable and compliant supply chains, factories and assets, predict maintenance and provide timely insights. Combining requirements and goals for both the CAPEX and OPEX side of our client’s business, we provide data-driven solutions that enhance performance and minimise environmental impact for new and repurposed industrial sites.

Consumer goods

From consumer goods to e-commmerce and technology companies, we support manufacturers in proactively and effectively responding to rapidly changing consumer demands. These include speed to market, accommodating market expansion, and flexible operations. Clients benefit from our practical knowledge and expertise to create new insights and models for supply chain changes. Royal HaskoningDHV is a partner in several platforms for developing innovative food plants and disruptive approaches for manufacturing set-ups.

Our fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG) Business Case Consultancy animation looks at how to respond with the right investment decision at the right time.


Whether an office, hospital, data centre, factory or smart and healthy campus headquarters, we approach our clients’ challenges strategically and holistically. We work in close partnership with our private and public sector clients to realise added value for their organisations, such as improving data centre efficiency and reducing energy consumption. Our solutions prioritise health, productivity and comfort, while achieving KPIs related to asset performance and management. Combining our domain expertise with cutting-edge digital twin capability, our consulting services ensure the best use of space, materials and energy, while contributing to business and climate resilience.


Addressing the energy transition has become a central challenge for our clients. Our expertise in innovative energy solutions draws on over 30 years of consultancy experience in energy diversification. We provide services across the whole value chain - from strategy to implementation and from programming to technology. This enables our clients to accelerate their energy transition and create highly skilled jobs in the new economy. Our clients’ needs are vast and diverse: from large-scale wind and water infrastructure to technology platforms that optimise energy use across a global portfolio. Together we explore scenarios to deliver the best possible solution for clients seeking leading-edge, sustainable power supplies.

Urban and Rural Development

Robust, sustainable and well-designed infrastructure is vital for protecting our urban and rural areas. Drawing on our multi-disciplinary expertise, we shape, plan and assist with every aspect of urban design. This includes water management, infrastructure, utilities and transportation. Our resilient solutions also unlock the potential of rural areas, balancing economic growth and investments with circularity and sustainability. By developing plans to manage resources and improve ecologies, we can safeguard biodiversity and respond to population growth and rising temperatures. The result? Attractive living environments for the benefit of communities and stakeholders.

Transport and Infrastructure

Well-functioning infrastructure helps businesses to thrive and communities to prosper. Smart planning, novel technologies and rigorous stakeholder management – together with our integrated engineering approaches – are achieving multiple goals and delivering wider societal benefit. These include the energy transition, circularity and reduced pollution. For instance, the world’s first lightweight 3D-printed circular composite bridge will transform bridge design and bring a longer lifespan, lower lifecycle costs and improved sustainability.

From infrastructure to transport networks, we are collaborating with clients to shape the new mobility system, which balances individual needs for affordability and reliability with society’s need for liveability and urban planning. By bringing together cutting-edge technology with tailored strategy and expert implementation, we can help clients realise long-term plans and provide actionable insights for today. Whether it is to enable social distancing in our cities, improve liveability with our traffic optimisation solution Flowtack, or influencing behaviour to encourage active transport, we’re pushing the frontiers of mobility to drive sustainability and enhance society.

The use of Flowtack technology in the Dutch city of Deventer has transformed its busy road networks. The cloud-based technology has enabled smooth traffic flows at busy intersections by optimising the existing infrastructure. Flowtack has led to a 40% reduction in the number of stops vehicles make at road junctions and created a more liveable city with less pollution.

Tunnels and underground structures

Intensive road use is one cause of traffic congestion and in many cities there is simply no space to build more roads. In today’s busy cities and ports, tunnels and underground structures can make all the difference in connecting communities and boosting accessibility. Through our joint venture, TEC (Tunnel Engineering Consultants), we are the global leader in soft ground tunneling. We have a strong track record demonstrating our expertise in immersed tunnels. Our integrated approach means we deliver for clients at every stage, from tunnel design and construction, right through to risk management and safety analysis.


We are a world leader in maritime port and infrastructure development and home to one of the largest groups of maritime consulting engineers in the world. We are involved in a number of high-profile maritime projects from Europe to Australia and Asia to Latin America. By applying technology, drawing on our global expertise and consulting with specialist partners, we develop smart solutions working together with our clients. Our integrated, multidisciplinary approach means we can deliver all the expertise required – optimising existing terminals, creating new port facilities, relocating terminals and refurbishing facilities.

Smart ports, shipyards and terminals

Globally, ports and terminals are under pressure to become more streamlined and more environmentally friendly. We see major opportunities for our clients to drive efficiency through digitalisation, automation and to improve the sustainability of their operations through cleaner, greener ports. Applying smart solutions can help improve efficiency, return on investment and bring sustainable performance. Our maritime experts understand the economic realities of ports and terminals and the need to create lasting solutions. We assist our clients in all phases of their projects: from trade and traffic forecasts, feasibility studies and first consents, to design and execution, maintenance and business support.

Design of the marine works and site supervision for the marine and landside works of Gemalink container terminal (Vietnam).

Water for the future

A safe and secure living environment is ultimately about improving the quality of people’s lives. Cities, business and infrastructure are becoming ever-more complex. Population growth, climate change and environmental issues make it harder than ever to meet demands. A holistic vision is needed to plan for future development. To help navigate a world of increasing complexities, we bring a combination of the deep domain knowledge of our engineering consultants, our award-winning technologies and digital tools and services. These services accelerate adaptation to increasing demand and risks. They empower our clients to make informed decisions, enhance resilience and make the switch from short-term solutions to long-term preparation. 

Smart water in cities

As cities and their populations grow, so does the demand for accessible, safe drinking water. The higher population densities of cities also lead to increased water pollution and contamination. Our integral approach with our deep domain knowledge, innovative technologies and digital innovations, increases efficiency, performance and lifespan of water and waste water assets. The seamless connection between real and virtual water systems enables redesign for a more sustainable tomorrow and the creation of the water circuit of the future. 


People and their assets now operate 24/7 in high-density urban environments, making society more vulnerable to climate and weather-related disruption. Extreme weather events and natural hazards like floods, droughts and cyclones have severe impact on communities as well as wider societal and economic and environmental impact. To create a more climate-resilient future, we need to see the challenge of climate change as a catalyst to inspire innovative, cross-sectoral solutions that result in far-reaching positive effects. Enhancing resilience is about applying different measures at different timescales to fit local needs. We support our clients by creating resilient strategies and systems to reduce the impact of climate change before events occur. Physical protection by hard or green infrastructure, resource management, predictive risk and impact modelling, forecasting and automated alerts are central to this reality.

The award-winning Norfolk sandscaping scheme is the first sandscaping scheme in the United Kingdom and outside of the Netherlands. It has increased protection for nationally important energy infrastructure and hundreds of homes from erosion and flooding while enhancing the natural beaches for recreation and the environment.