Enhancing Society Together

Our purpose Enhancing Society Together drives us in implementing positive change in society across 5 themes where we as a company feel we can make the biggest positive impact: climate change, biodiversity, resources, social value and safety. These align with selected United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. By leading on practice and delivery, we aim to make a concrete difference for people and planet. We are making our impact visible by using our Purpose Matrix to measure a project on our 5 themes. We are also leading by example to achieve positive impact in our operations in line with challenging targets, such as our Net Zero ambition.

In 2023, we embedded understanding of how Enhancing Society Together applies in our daily practice. Communication at every level and location created the common purpose needed to maximise impact. To support our people in practice, our Enhancing Society Together Academy went live. Enhancing Society Together leads were installed in every business line and five theme leads appointed. Our Enhancing Society Together Award attracted more than 30 projects from every part of our company. The global winner, announced in January 2024, was the North Manila Bay Project Team from the Philippines. The jury commended the team for working on wonderful nature-based solutions for flood mitigation that also include biodiversity enhancement and ensure safer and more sustainable communities.

Our purpose is strongly felt by our people. This can lead to internal discussion on individual projects and market areas. In 2023, we developed position papers to address dilemmas about markets and locations where we choose to work. These papers identify where we stand on controversial topics and help steer our company to make the right decisions. They were written with input from representatives across the company and approved by the Executive Board.

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Our Purpose Matrix