Grow in leading markets

Our strategy defines nine Global Leading Markets for international growth next to our strong position in the Netherlands. These Global Leading Markets create focus in our international activities and registered steep growth in 2023. Our Global Leading Market Renewable Energy & Decarbonisation of Industry grew by more than 50%. We saw a significant increase in demand for services within our Global Leading Market Climate Resilience. Our Aviation & Intermodal Transport business benefited from the significant rebound in passenger numbers following Covid. Our Global Leading Market Light Industry met growth targets despite tough economic conditions in consumer markets. 
We discuss our ambitions and progress for each Global leading Market three times a year in so-called GLM dialogues focusing on revenue growth, sales and sales outlook, profitability, digital transformation progress, contribution of projects to Enhancing Society Together and what we could do more or better.

Next to our business in the Global Leading Markets, which also service clients in the Netherlands, we operate in additional Dutch market segments such as buildings (hospitals, offices, campus development) and public transport companies, especially rail. 
We focused on the two growth themes of ‘Energy Transition’ and ‘Netherlands in Transition’. These align with the integrated challenges facing our customers.

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