Well-being at work

We believe in everyone’s right to positive mental well-being. Our policies and values demonstrate how we want to support our colleagues at difficult times. These include our People First value in the Code of Conduct (PDF). To support our people, the hybrid working model, already present in several countries, was implemented in Poland and Indonesia in 2023. For the future, we are exploring how to include mental health within our annual performance and development cycle.

Training for our managers and leaders helps raise awareness to identify and support the mental health of their teams. In 2023, we carried out training for project managers. They were identified as an important group due to the regular close contact they have with their teams and because they are often in charge of pressing demands that come with globally significant projects. We also support broader opportunities for awareness and connection, including individual and team workshops on identifying the triggers and signals of mental health, as well as coaching touch points.

We track the mental health and well-being of employees through the Care for People dimension in our Employee Engagement Survey. The dimension covers areas such as zero tolerance of inappropriate behaviour, work and personal life balance, respectful treatment, addressing concerns, and more. In 2023, the score was 78% (2022: 79%), 1% below target. More than two-thirds of our organisation (68%) reported having a good work-life balance. However, 12% reported not feeling that balance and this is an area of focus for the future.

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