Learning and Development

We have focused on career development as well as supporting the skills and capabilities of managers to retain talented people within our company. We celebrated the graduation of the second and third cohorts in our Future Leaders Programme. This is for colleagues with 3-8 years of experience creating business impact. Over a 14-month period, they gain self-awareness, skills, knowledge and the abilities needed to actively lead others as line managers, project directors, leading professionals and commercial directors.

In 2023, the first cohort of people achieving high business impact in the Asia-Pacific (APAC) region started a 9-month journey on the APAC Talent Programme. This develops leadership skills and the mindset to deliver on our strategic goals. Additional training to help managers become good leaders is available through our People Academy and includes onboarding for new leaders. We are developing a dedicated programme for new people managers.

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Training and development hours are tracked for our entire workforce. E-learning hours are tracked for workforce excluding people hired through external companies.


Our wide range of Academies continues to offer training in specific areas of the business. This was expanded in 2023 when our Enhancing Society Together Academy opened, providing guidance material and information on issues which support the 5 themes of our purpose. The Digital Academy also launched various new initiatives. These included Leading with AI, Conversational AI, Combining AI and domain expertise, and a Foundation Course in buildingSMART Professional. Individuals and teams can also request coaching, mentoring, team development and more from our Team Development desk. This provides access to an established internal network of coaches and external contacts to unlock the full potential of people and teams.

To gain more insight into internal career development practices across the organisation, we carried out research via interviews and the Employee Engagement Survey. The findings revealed a need for more clarity and guidance on what is expected of people in different jobs in our business, career development and related services. In response, we are creating a career development tool complementary to the existing Global Positioning System that helps our people understand the expectations and career paths related to their positions.

Two global Learning Weeks were held in 2023. Topics included Sustainability in engineering, AI, Tips and tricks of using Microsoft and PowerBI, Innovation, Change management, and more. These company-wide learning events enable us to learn from each other, take inspiration from latest trends in various fields, and pick up practical advice for using common applications at work. 1,260 people from 18 countries joined one or more sessions during the events.
The average time spent per person on e-learning has risen as a result of the introduction of new internal e-learning programs in 2023. These include courses from NACO Academy, Digital Academy, Career Aspirations, as well as mandatory e-learning modules.