We monitor external trends and developments, adjusting our focus and activities in response. Climate change was clearly seen in increasing incidence of extreme weather and wildfires in 2023.

Living our values: People first

At our company, people make the difference and determine our success. It is critical to maintain an inclusive culture and a safe and inclusive environment for everyone, based on an Equality, Diversity, and Inclusion policy that we developed.

Enhancing Society Together

Our purpose Enhancing Society Together drives us in implementing positive change in society across 5 themes where we as a company feel we can make the biggest positive impact: climate change, biodiversity, resources, social value and safety.

Grow in leading markets

Our strategy defines nine Global Leading Markets for international growth next to our strong position in the Netherlands. These Global Leading Markets create focus in our international activities and registered steep growth in 2023.

Shifting our service mix

Our clients increasingly expect us to integrally support them along their journey to be or become future ready. We do this by taking a multi-disciplinary approach to their complex challenges.

Achieving our ambitions

We have made positive progress in reaching our Stronger25 targets. We are on track to meet our financial ambitions and raised our operating income ambition to €750 million by 2025.

Financial Performance

We achieved a very strong set of financial results in 2023. Operational income grew in line with our strategic goals. It was driven by our Global Leading Markets and the Netherlands, some delivering double-digit growth.

Business Ethics

Our purpose to Enhance Society Together guides what we do and how we do it. We are committed to do our business responsibly, acting ethically and with transparency.

Risk Management

Our purpose Enhancing Society Together is a cornerstone of our risk management to ensure we achieve lasting positive impact through our activities. Our company strategy Stronger25 also informs our approach.

Corporate and Operational Risks

We continually review what is happening in the world around us and take appropriate mitigating measures for risks impacting us.

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