Other financial risks

Our liabilities are defined within each contract. Most of these will fall within our standard conditions for what we consider acceptable risk. If conditions are not met, additional approvals are required.


The scale of the sustainability challenges facing society is huge and our aim is always to do more.

Emission Reduction

On our way to net-zero Through our mission Enhancing Society Together, we take responsibility for having a positive impact on the world. There is no time to waste to take the necessary actions to reduce climate change.


Our purpose to Enhance Society Together is delivered by our people creating positive impact through our projects and operations. That’s why in 2023 ‘Living our Values’ was placed within our strategy.

Employee Engagement

A strong sense of belonging is a key enabler for job satisfaction and helps us retain and grow people within our company. In 2023, our employee engagement score was 80% (2022: 82%).

Learning and Development

We have focused on career development as well as supporting the skills and capabilities of managers to retain talented people within our company. We celebrated the graduation of the second and third cohorts in our Future Leaders Programme.

Equality, Diversity and Inclusion

A diverse workforce enables us to embrace diversity of thought to create the best solutions. This can only happen when all our colleagues feel safe and able to contribute.

Well-being at work

We believe in everyone’s right to positive mental well-being. Our policies and values demonstrate how we want to support our colleagues at difficult times. These include our People First value in the Code of Conduct (PDF).

Giving Back

Our people want to make a real difference in the world. They do this through their work, and also contribute their own time, expertise and private money to individual initiatives and our BriTE Foundation.

Health and Safety

People’s health and safety is an important part of our purpose. It extends across everyone who works in our organisation to clients, partners and communities around the world.

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