Climate Resilience

As the atmosphere warms and sea levels rise, climate hazards are becoming more frequent and more severe. Even as carbon emissions reduce, the risk of flooding, erosion, droughts, heatwaves and storms will continue to increase. The earlier we can protect people, assets, and infrastructure, the better. From safeguarding local communities to global enterprises, we bring a unique blend of consultancy, design, engineering and software solutions which address climate mitigation and adaptation. From climate change awareness, climate risk assessment and adaptation planning to nature-based solutions and early warning systems, we support our clients and their stakeholders in every step of their climate resilience journey. Read more on our website.

Keeping communities safe in Australia’s flood-prone Hunter Valley 
People can rest safer in their homes following an upgrade to the flash flood warning system in Australia’s Hunter Valley. Our team has developed a cloud-based system for the Hunter Valley Flood Mitigation Scheme which integrates expert knowledge with input from the Australian Bureau of Meteorology as well as historic rainfall and water level data. The accuracy of our flood forecasts revolutionises safety and preparedness when river levels rise. Our system helps to improve decision making and increase the safety and resilience of the community by providing timely and reliable warnings. Read more on our website.

“Now, for the first time, we can provide emergency response teams with coordinated rainfall and water level gauge data on one dashboard, correlated to flood defence overtopping locations. What I really like about our system is that it recognises that no two floods are the same. It takes into account the spatial and time-varying distribution of rainfall and additionally, we have programmed in time varying soil moisture conditions.”

Ben Patterson, Leading Professional Flood Resilience, Asia and Pacific Region