Light Industry

Changes in demand patterns are driving major transformations in global manufacturing industries and supply chains. Addressing decarbonisation and sustainable manufacturing are just two of the urgent focus areas. We bring integrated design, consultancy and project management services tailored to client needs. Our sustainable solutions transform manufacturing processes, optimise the supply chain and deliver future-proof investments. Engineering, procurement, and construction management projects (EPCM) around the globe have honed our expertise in fast-tracking, simplification, modularisation and automation. Read more on our website.

Maximising impact at new Lotus Bakeries site in Thailand
Lotus Bakeries’ first production site in Thailand is based on a proven European masterplan that we adapted to the local regulations and climate. All floors are raised above ground to avoid flooding. A small lagoon to collect surface water run-off creates an attractive area for employees and doubles as a running track. We provided engineering, procurement and construction management services for the project. 

The site shortens delivery chains which will reduce emissions connected to transportation. Solar panels, heated water recycling and waste heat recovery all help reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Working together with our process engineers, Lotus Bakeries sourced production equipment locally which supports the development of local skills and industry.  Read more on our website.

“We are proud to integrate our experience in manufacturing, digital technology and sustainable business development to bring this future-proof manufacturing plant to life in Thailand. We are developing a sustainable partnership with Lotus Bakeries whose guiding vision of Care for Today – Respect for Tomorrow goes hand-in-hand with our purpose of Enhancing Society Together.”

René Dahmen, Director Business Unit Multinationals