Water Technology

The world needs water. It is critical for health, prosperity and the functioning of society. Faced with multiple challenges, including increasingly scarce clean water, micropollutants, droughts and heavy rainfall, a new mindset on reuse, efficiency and availability is needed. With our water expertise and smart technologies, we help clients adopt a coherent approach to achieve lasting value and sustainable, positive solutions – for people, for businesses and for society. We solve water management problems at every stage of the water cycle on strategic, tactical, and operational levels. We help our clients protect available resources and use water more sustainably for the future. Read more on our website.

Nereda technology extends sewage treatment capacity to 2.4 million people
Our Nereda water technology is showing the way forward for countries to effectively and efficiently treat the wastewater of growing populations. We are implementing our award-winning wastewater treatment technology Nereda at a huge plant near Dublin where 40% of Ireland’s wastewater is treated. Our work extends the capacity of the plant by a third to 2.4 million population equivalent. The programme includes both retrofit and new installations and has been organised so that operations at this vital facility can continue throughout the upgrade. Read more on our website.

Nereda provides more capacity with a small physical footprint. It is a green and sustainable technology requiring no chemicals and less energy. The quality of the treatment process conforms to EU regulations, reducing the release of harmful nutrients into the environment.

“We are proud to be upgrading Ireland’s biggest wastewater treatment plant in a sustainable manner. We have increased capacity to match Dublin’s population growth while meeting nutrient regulations and optimising assets for generations to come.”

Marisa Buyers-Basso, Senior Process EngineeragerMarisa Buyers-Basso, Senior Process Engineer