Tunnels & Structures

In busy cities and ports, tunnels and underground structures are making a tangible difference in connecting communities and enhancing accessibility. We specialise in soft soil tunnelling and immersed tunnels. Our integrated approach means clients can access the design, construction, operation and management of tunnels all under one roof – from landmark projects to cost-effective designs. Read more on our website.

Encouraging innovation and efficiency to keep tunnel network safe
Can innovative and sustainable approaches be found which increase speed and efficiency when renovating the road tunnel network in the Netherlands? That’s the intention behind the largest engineering services contract ever awarded by the department for public infrastructure, Rijkswaterstaat. It refers to seven road tunnels in the south of the Netherlands. Our role involves mapping what needs to be done, preparing contracts and supervising renovations.

With many of the tunnels in the Netherlands dating back into the last century, society benefits from innovations to streamline and standardise renovation as well as increased safety. Read more on our website.

“Taking an integrated approach to highway tunnel renovations is a smart way to apply innovative and sustainable techniques at scale. Together with TEC, we set out to renovate seven tunnels for Rijkswaterstaat over nine years. Our combined expertise of civil engineering, mechanical engineering, sustainability, surroundings management and contract management, amongst others, will help ensure that the Netherlands remains accessible for many years to come.”

Niels Willemsen, Associate Director Infrastructure