Royal HaskoningDHV (Koninklijke HaskoningDHV Groep B.V.) is an independent and partly employee-owned company with no external investors and has two shareholders:

  • Stichting HaskoningDHV (“the Foundation”), and

  • Stichting Administratiekantoor HaskoningDHV (“the Trust Office”).

Our ownership structure allows us to operate independently and focus on those matters that we consider relevant. The Foundation holds and manages all so-called A-shares (being at least 75.5% of the entire issued share capital). Its aim is the long-term continuity and sustainable value creation of the company in accordance with the relevant corporate governance regulations.

The Trust Office holds and manages all so-called B-shares (representing at most 24.5% of the entire issued share capital) that allows for the issue of ‘depositary receipts’ to all employees in the Netherlands, United Kingdom, South Africa, Poland, and Australia that are interested to buy depositary receipts. Through these depositary receipts employees feel more engaged, become more involved and receive a dividend when the company is profitable, alongside the appreciation of yield in share value. At the end of 2023, 2,000 employees held 502,499 depositary receipts (2022: 1,984 employees held 437,727 depositary receipts).