Renewable Energy & Decarbonisation of Industry

Transforming the way we power our world is essential in fighting climate change. Society and industry must transition to an ecosystem powered by both low-carbon, renewable energy sources and optimised energy consumption. Clients encounter difficulties in understanding the ever-changing energy landscape, navigating the speed and risks associated with deploying new energy systems, and achieving industrial decarbonisation while ensuring business continuity. We support through integrated, data-driven programmes seamlessly integrating strategy, engineering and design, project management, and asset management to ensure future-proof success. Our collective goal is to accelerate the world towards a sustainable and net-zero future by 2050. Read more on our website.

Wind farm design boosts biodiversity 
We supported the bid team behind the Ecowende wind farm ensuring that nature-inclusive design and a higher ecological standard for construction was delivered. The result sets a new ecological benchmark for windfarm construction. For example, it protects and enhances biodiversity by introducing natural reef structures on the seabed. Innovative construction techniques for the foundations minimise impact on marine life, and space between turbines creates a safe corridor for birds. The project is a joint venture between Shell and Eneco and is set to start operating in 2026. Read more on our website

“Wouldn’t it be great if we could make positive impact on nature and at the same time increase clean renewable energy? We can. This is what we achieved in the design for the 54 turbine Ecowende wind farm off the coast of the Netherlands.”

Hassan Asheg, Director Renewable energy