Value Chain

We create value for our clients, our employees and organisation, and for society through a combination of expertise, strategic insights and customised solutions. We help our clients by offering consultancy, design & engineering, project management, software and technology solutions for the natural and built environment.

In consultancy projects, we support our clients to find optimal solutions for their business challenges in a holistic way by combining strategy and technical expertise. Growing consultancy is part of our ambition to shift our service mix. 

In design & engineering projects, we support clients with how to build, expand, renovate or decommission their assets in an optimal way. 

With technology solutions, we help water and wastewater companies set up more efficient and sustainable treatment facilities. 

By embracing digital, we deliver data driven solutions for our clients that are sustainable and create added value. 

In project management projects, we support clients to run asset-related projects in the most cost-effective and sustainable way. 

With software solutions, we help clients optimise operation of their assets or assess the potential impact of climate risk and how to mitigate it. 

We continuously invest in developing and building the skills, capabilities and knowledge of our people through knowledge groups and sessions, training programmes, coaching and mentoring, and learning on the job. 

We continuously challenge ourselves and our clients for more sustainable solutions that will positively impact clients’ sustainability footprint and society. 

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