Data Centres

Delivering state-of-the-art data centre designs, our focus revolves around fundamental principles of energy efficiency and sustainability. These facilities play a crucial role in supporting the continuity of operations, businesses, and systems.

Light Industry

Changes in demand patterns are driving major transformations in global manufacturing industries and supply chains. Addressing decarbonisation and sustainable manufacturing are just two of the urgent focus areas.


The maritime industry is the backbone of global trade, playing a vital role in growing economies, ensuring supply lines, and spreading opportunities and prosperity.

Renewable Energy & Decarbonisation of Industry

Transforming the way we power our world is essential in fighting climate change. Society and industry must transition to an ecosystem powered by both low-carbon, renewable energy sources and optimised energy consumption.

Sustainable Mobility

Mobility is undergoing a seismic shift across the world. Growing demand brings increasing pressure on mobility systems, which face disruption from new technologies and changing behaviour.

Tunnels & Structures

In busy cities and ports, tunnels and underground structures are making a tangible difference in connecting communities and enhancing accessibility. We specialise in soft soil tunnelling and immersed tunnels.

Water Technology

The world needs water. It is critical for health, prosperity and the functioning of society.

Value Chain

We create value for our clients, our employees and organisation, and for society through a combination of expertise, strategic insights and customised solutions.


Engaging in meaningful dialogue with our stakeholders is crucial for our organisation’s continued success. It helps shape our strategy, enhances sustainability initiatives, and ensures transparent communication.