We choose where to play and how to win based on what’s happening in the outside world and what we believe are our organisational strongholds.

Enhancing Society Together

Enhancing Society Together is our purpose. It drives us, differentiates our business and provides our compass.

Global Leading Markets and the Netherlands

In Stronger25 we have identified nine markets in which we can and want to play a significant role internationally alongside our business in the Netherlands.

Shifting our service mix

We remain focused on the capabilities and skills we need to deliver more added value for our clients. This is a driver in our strategy to shift our service mix.

Achieving our ambitions

We aim to become employer of choice; developing, retaining, and attracting diverse talents needed to deliver on our purpose of enhancing society together. We want to grow our turnover annually and make a healthy profit to invest in our company.

Financial Performance

Financial sustainability of our company is necessary to fulfil our ambitions. In 2022, operating income grew, driven by the nine Global Leading Markets and our presence in the Netherlands in line with our Stronger25 strategy.

Business Ethics

Royal HaskoningDHV is a global company which operates in a variety of cultural, social, and business contexts. Today’s complex business environment demands that we firmly embed integrity in our values, our culture, and our daily business practices.

Risk Management

Our mission Enhancing Society Together leads what we do. It is the cornerstone of our risk management approach because we want to achieve positive impact through our organisation and through our projects for clients.

Corporate and Operational Risks

Every year, management identifies the most important corporate risks. This is done with an assessment where risks are scored on probability and impact (on EBITA for the coming three years). Both endogenous and exogenous risks are considered.

Other financial risks

Our liabilities are defined within each contract. Most of these will fall within our standard conditions for what we consider acceptable risk. If conditions are not met, additional approvals are required.

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