We choose where to play and how to win based on what’s happening in the outside world and what we believe are our organisational strongholds. Our strategy Stronger25 has four pillars: delivering on Enhancing Society Together; growth in our Global Leading Markets and in the Netherlands; shifting our service mix to add value for our clients; and realising our ambitions by generating a healthy profit to invest in our company.

2022 presented challenges in many fronts. Climate change impacts were felt globally with frequent floods, heatwaves and drought. The invasion of Ukraine caused a humanitarian crisis and helped strengthen the increasing demand to transition away from fossil-fuel energy. Geopolitical tensions, and the lingering aftermath of the Covid pandemic, continued to disrupt supply chains. Shortages of raw materials, rising distribution costs and the energy crisis have fuelled inflationary pressures for companies and consumers. Convergence across management consultancies and engineering, design and consultancy firms continues. The current status of the economy is likely to dampen demand, leading consumer-facing companies to reduce capital investment and seek cost reduction opportunities. The scarcity of skilled labour, especially in Western markets, creates intense competition for recruiting and retaining talent. In the Netherlands, nitrogen legislation is progressively tightening, affecting building permits.