Global Leading Markets and the Netherlands

In Stronger25 we have identified nine markets in which we can and want to play a significant role internationally alongside our business in the Netherlands. The teams responsible for growing these Global Leading Markets are organised across business lines. The teams were established in 2022 and delivered revenue growth of around 20% - some 15% higher than growth in areas outside our strategic targets. Our Global Leading Markets Renewable Energy & Decarbonisation of Industry as well as Climate Resilience were well placed to respond to demands connected to the changing climate and rising energy prices. To ease knowledge sharing and enable quicker response to clients’ complex needs, we took steps to further highlight the visibility of our experts in associated topics, for example through our COP27 campaign. In 2022, we further grew our stake in Singapore-based Hydroinformatics Institute to 75% to drive innovation and create better solutions combining software with consultancy to help clients become more climate resilient.

We focused on leveraging our unique market leadership position in the Netherlands where we offer a full portfolio of services. In the Netherlands, we were pleased to record close to 10% revenue growth in our Global Leading Markets. In 2022, we identified themes where clients can particularly benefit from our multi-disciplinary approach and where we can offer expertise from across the breadth of our portfolio.