Shifting our service mix

We remain focused on the capabilities and skills we need to deliver more added value for our clients. This is a driver in our strategy to shift our service mix.

The first shift is to grow and transform our engineering and design services and remain competitive through further standardisation and automation. In 2022, we continued developing digital ways of working by automating processes and using digital tools to further enhance our service portfolio. This was also recognised by our partners. For example, Autodesk asked us to share our experience of preparing colleagues for the future of work at an industry talk at Autodesk University.

The second shift is to grow and transform our consultancy services leading to the 2022 acquisition of Districon, boosting our consultancy offering in the supply chain and logistics sphere.

As the third shift, we aim to grow and focus on software and technology. In 2022 we launched Twinn, unifying our software and data solutions portfolio. Twinn switches focus from standalone digital solutions to support effective decision-making through capabilities in simulation, modelling, data science, climate modelling and more. We continued to innovate in software bringing together domain knowledge and digital expertise. This was recognised in the Global Offshore Wind’s Performance and Reporting Transparency Award for Ensis, a cloud-based platform which helps to improve the way in which offshore wind assets are monitored, jointly developed with a major offshore wind developer.

We sold our Dawaco software to Realworld Systems as it no longer fitted in our software portfolio.

In 2022, our water technology business recovered from a dip in performance the year before. However, it did not meet the year’s target and teams are exploring new sales channels. We have added a new wastewater digestion technology patent to our portfolio and entered into a cooperation agreement with Anglian Water to bring this technology to market in the United Kingdom and abroad. The technology maximises a plant’s biogas production from sludge and transforms the remaining biosolids into a high-quality resource.

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