Security and Privacy

In 2021 we saw an increasing demand from our clients to fulfill information security requirements. We continued to find a way of working where all parties felt secure and in control. Our Annual Report Section Cyber Security includes details of our security management system, certifications and activities undertaken in 2021 to help colleagues adapt safely to the new ways of working. Our efforts during 2021 ensured our systems remained secure and no issues were found in connection with vulnerabilities or threats. 

Example projects

For a complete overview of all the project examples in this report (Annual Report and CSR Report), check the overview of project examples per SDG

Employee awareness activities

We have included security as a topic in our Learning Week programmes to help employees gain a better understanding of how to protect private data. We have informed them about best practices, and lessons learned from internal and external cyber incidents - such as to always use standard/automated shipment options when sending invoices to customers rather than using email. During the entire month of October, additional awareness activities took place across Royal HaskoningDHV, including Security Webinars and online posts, presentations and more, to promote digital security and cyber hygiene in areas of ransomware, hacking, endpoint attacks, personal data breach, and security risk assessments. 

Awareness campaign about cyber security - copyright by ENISA