Alliance for Water stewardship Indonesia

Water shortages present increasing risks to communities and organisations. Due to the shared nature of the resource, cooperation across catchment areas is needed where supply is under stress. A framework created by the Alliance for Water Stewardship provides best practice on how this can be achieved. Unilever and Danone have set clear targets to increase performance on water stewardship at a global level as part of their corporate strategies.

In Indonesia, we are working with various partners including the Alliance for Water Stewardship Indonesia to develop a good water stewardship plan for five Unilever sites and providing recommendations for a sustainable groundwater strategy for five Danone Aqua sites. All sites are in water-stressed basins in West Java. The plan and strategy will support the companies in improving their water stewardship performance at site and catchment levels, by following the principles based on the principles of the IAWS standard.