Our Role in Society

The work we do impacts everyone’s lives – from water systems to transport, energy networks, food production and lots more.

Our Purpose

We believe we can help society move forward and this is embodied in our purpose - Enhancing Society Together. Our purpose drives us and helps differentiate ourselves in the market.

Our Value Chain

We aim to effectively utilise our resources, capital and capabilities to create value for our stakeholders; this is an integral part of our strategy to Enhance Society Together.

Our Strategy - Enhancing Society Together

Our promise to Enhance Society Together becomes ever more relevant with each year that passes. Our world is changing and so must we. The trends and developments we take into account are described in the Annual Report Section Our Strategy.

Our Performance

Across the world, urgent action is needed on social and environmental challenges. We are taking the lead by using our expertise, knowledge, and capabilities to change our own operations to reduce our carbon footprint and become more sustainable.

Health and Safety

We proactively demonstrate, encourage and support the highest standards of health & safety in design, operation and practice. This applies to our people, our operations and our projects.

Integrity and Ethical Performance

Integrity and ethics are at the core of our company. As well as being guided by various international principles and standards, we aim to meet and surpass best practice standards.


People are a leading attribute in our success. Our commitment to good relationships and working conditions is supported through regular pulse checks and consultation with the Works Council. Equal opportunities are a key part of our policy.

Emission Reduction

“We have committed for 2030 targets. That’s more than eight years from now, but our net zero commitment has an immediate impact on our operations and colleagues in all countries.

Quality and Sustainability in our Products and Services

The quality and sustainability of the products and services we deliver for clients are key to our continued success and enable us to deliver on our mission.

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