Outlook and actions for 2022 and beyond

We will continuously develop and improve how we embed Enhancing Society Together in our strategy, ambitions and actions. For example, the materiality assessment review needs to be finalised, by implementing feedback from our most important stakeholders, clients and employees on the newly proposed focus areas. We plan to do this before the end of 2023.

Other improvements, such as our new strategy Stronger25, our ambition to create a measurement framework and our progress towards Net Zero are described in Chapter Enhancing Society Together in the Annual Report.

In our new strategy Stronger25, our commitments are focused on five important themes, where we can have the most influence and which are linked to the delivery of specific Sustainable Development Goals of the UN Global Compact. These five themes are relevant to everything we do, for our people and our clients, the way we operate as an organisation and how we implement our projects. They are: 1. Climate change, 2. Biodiversity & natural systems, Resources & circularity, 4. Social value & equality, 5. Safety & Well-being