Key Performance Indicators

Our CSR strategy is based on our promise to Enhance Society Together. Our impact is measured through key performance indicators. These are described together with results for 2021 in our Annual Report Chapter Enhancing Society Together. More detailed discussion of our performance, including reference to projects which support these activities, appears in the Performance chapter.

Key Performance Indicator

Key results 2021

Health and safety

Employee engagement and well-being

Executive Board messages, global online events, local initiatives

Employee resilience pulse checks

Integration and continuous improvement of our Integrated Management System

Continued our ISO 45001:2018 certification for our Occupational Health and Safety Management System

Zero fatalities

Zero fatalities

Lost Time Injury Frequency (LTIF) < 0.13

LTIF = 0.05

Health and safety behaviour

Nearly all employees followed an e-learning to boost Occupational Health & Safety awareness

Quality and sustainability in our products and services

Integration of our Global Integrated Management System

Our digital engineering processes received BIM/ISO 19650 certification

Existing certificates were audited and continued

Sustainability in our work

Online training sessions on sustainability during our global Learning Weeks

Appointment Leading Professional Enhancing Society Together

Renewal of our EcoVadis Sustainability Rating Gold

Use of our 4 Questions including explanation in 85% of our lite and full projects

4 Questions actively used in 85.7% of our lite and full projects (excl. basic projects)

Integrity and ethical performance


Zero tolerance for bribery and corruption

Close to 100% of our employees followed an e-learning about our commitment to zero tolerance for bribery and corruption

Integration of our Compliance Integrity Management System

130 issues and concerns were registered of which 11 were high-risk compliance issues. Mitigating measures were taken.

Existing certificates were audited and continued

Economic / financial performance


Revenue growth and EBITA recurring

See Key Figures



Developing digital capabilities across our organisation

Digital Academy in place with learning options to strengthen skills in digital ways of working

Embed culture of innovation

Online platform, the Innovation Hub, in place to share ideas, contribute to ideas, explore innovations currently in development, share best practices and connect with like-minded colleagues

Modern employment relationships and employment conditions

Regular pulse checks, good consultation with Dutch Works Council

Work From Home Agreements in the Netherlands and the United Kingdom

Equal opportunities

Global online Speak Up Awareness Day

Launch Future Leaders Journey

Emission reduction


Carbon footprint (yearly reduction in % per employee compared to 2019):

We committed to our own operations being net zero for greenhouse gas emissions by 2030

office buildings -10%

Carbon footprint for offices reduced by 31.8%

business travel excl. flights -10%

Carbon footprint for business travel (excl. flying) reduced by 36.9%

business travel by air -10%

Carbon footprint for flying reduced by 78.6%

Security & privacy


Continuous improvement of our Information Security Management System

Implemented an Information Security Management System

Maintained full certification to ISO/IEC 27001

Protect information globally from evolving threats

We adopted zero trust security principles. We only work with suppliers that have a robust level of security in place. We follow the advice of the Dutch National Cyber Security Centre.