RSB and Integrity governance

Responsibility for RSB is fully integrated into our activities, led by senior management from strategy to delivery. CEO Erik Oostwegel spearheads our RSB commitment and discusses strategic relevance with the Supervisory Board. We walk the talk by including these aspects in our projects as well as our own operations. Business Line Directors and Corporate Group Directors all have responsibility to incorporate RSB into their activities, supported by sustainability managers in the business. In addition, we have a network of internal ambassadors who help to create awareness among our employees.

Our Sustainability Policy Statement, RSB Charter, and key ambitions for the development of the company are evaluated annually. The ambitions have been translated by businesses and corporate groups to address their specific contribution. Regional Management Boards and Resident Directors take responsibility for local RSB Plans and Actions which are also based on the RSB Charter.

RSB is managed at a functional level across our strategic and operational areas, with responsibility rolling up to executive level. The Responsible & Sustainable Business Working Group is co-chaired by our Corporate Director Communications & Brand and our Group Integrity & Compliance Officer. With representation from senior leaders and specialists, it serves as the central coordinating body for our responsible business strategy, benchmarking and reporting.

RSB Governance structure

RSB is integrated in our way of working via our global Management System and covers our QHSE Management System, our Integrity Management System and our Information Security Management System.

Governance and reporting

Responsible & Sustainable Business is integrated in the governance model of the company, including descriptions of the roles and responsibilities of our management, Business Line Managers and The Works Council. It is part of management targets starting at Executive Board level and working downwards. RSB is a shared ambition of the Executive Board, although it is a key responsibility of the CEO.

Documents that reflect our structure and target setting:

  • Company strategy;

  • Annual Plans;

  • Annual Reports.

Integrity & Compliance governance structure

For our Business Integrity Management System, a separate Integrity & Compliance governance structure is active. This is integrated in our global Management System and independently audited externally. Our Integrity Management System explains core expectations regarding ethical conduct and business practices and includes guidelines to help employees deal appropriately with a broad range of topics like human rights, labour and social standards, anti-corruption, health and safety, environmental protection, privacy and data protection. Our global Management System ensures all employees follow common working practices. In 2019, the system was further aligned with international BIM standards to support and guide digital ways of working. As part of our global on-boarding programme an e-learning module was created to provide a good introduction for new joiners.