Integrity Management System

The Integrity Management System describes the scope of the Compliance Department, the organisation structure and the reporting lines to ensure compliance with internal policies and legislation. It also explains our internal policies regarding ethical conduct and business practices and includes guidelines to help employees deal appropriately with a broad range of topics like human rights, labour and social standards, anti-corruption, environmental protection, privacy and data protection.

Our Integrity Management System is embedded throughout the company and we have held the ETHIC Intelligence Anti-Corruption Certificate since 2010. Various initiatives took place during 2020 to further improve our systems and practices. 

ISO certifications

As of 2020, we decided to be compliant to the international ISO standards. We were assessed and certified as meeting the requirements of the ISO 37001 standard for our Anti-Bribery Management System and the new ISO/DIS 37301 standard for our Compliance Management System.

No major incidents

There were no major integrity incidents during 2020 but reports of 101 issues and concerns were received. Characteristics of the reports included: unwelcome workplace behaviour; financial inaccuracies; working in controversial countries and involvement in publicly disputed projects (for example placement of windmills, working on military projects). All issues were investigated, discussed and, when appropriate, concerns were addressed to resolve and mitigate risks. There were no allegations against the company or its management for bribery and corruption which resulted in wrongdoing of the company.