Our 4 Questions 

Our biggest contribution to inclusive sustainable development comes from integrating new ideas, innovations, technology and sustainability into our projects. We motivate our clients to make sustainable choices, to embed Enhancing Society Together and to contribute to the SDGs in our daily practice. In addition, by including sustainability experts in project teams, we are ensuring sustainability is considered as a design issue from the start of every project.

Conversations with clients and partners are guided by the use of 4 Questions which help to identify where we can add value for society while minimising potential negative impact. The SDGs are specifically mentioned as part of our 4 Questions conversations to maintain a clear focus on the areas where we are committed to make a difference. The questions are:

    1. Does the output meet the requirements of most stakeholders involved?

    2. Does the output serve added value for the client and society as a whole?

    3. Is the result lasting, thus is it future proof?

    4. Can we meet the client’s demand while minimising the use of natural resources (including clean water) and energy?

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How we Enhance Society Together in our projects and innovations

During 2020, these 4 Questions were actively used in 86.6% of our projects. Our 2020 goal was 65% usage in our projects.