How we identify stakeholders

We identify stakeholders on the basis of their relevance to our supply chain, business environment and activities. Our understanding of their relevance has developed over years through meetings with academic institutions, NGOs, clients and public agencies and will continue to develop on our international stakeholder base.

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Our stakeholders

We recognise three modes of influence of stakeholders:

  • Strategic corporate level: every year, the Executive Council reflects on consolidated input and draws conclusions for the strategic planning process.

  • Operational level: Corporate Groups and Business Lines benefit from specific dialogue with their relevant stakeholders to continuously refine their focus and check the effectiveness of their actions.

  • Project level: stakeholders are involved at this level as much as is feasible. They are an important factor in the delivery of a successful project result and their input is taken into account by the project team. Stakeholder involvement at this level is part of our 4 Questions to Enhance Society.