iReport boosts collaboration with multiple stakeholders

As part of our digital ways of working, we have been pioneering the use of technology to help stakeholders better understand the impact of engineering projects where engagement and impact assessment are key. Our iReport is a digital tool which presents information in a visual and dynamic way to lead to highly informed decision making. It was launched in March 2017 as a digital Environmental Impact Statement, developed with the Ministry of Infrastructure & Environment in the Netherlands. It has since been updated based on client feedback and has been revolutionising stakeholder engagement in projects across the world.

In 2019, it won the Innovation in Impact Assessment Award in the IEMA Sustainability Impact Awards. Then in 2020, it won a Storytelling Award which recognises innovative and creative ways to provide insight in complex situations. We continue to develop and improve the iReport. In 2020 we focused on digital inclusion, providing accessibility for people with disabilities. The government has now made it compulsory by law that all government websites must comply with rules on the accessibility of websites (and see link, Dutch). We fully support this initiative for all projects. The implementation of these improvements to iReport is expected in 2021.