Reducing risks while adding value to society

Our ambition is to leverage our products and services and our own operations to contribute to inclusive sustainable development. We drive this with our clients and partners in areas we master and can actively influence to contribute to a relevant selection of UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). We use our 4 Questions for sustainable growth to connect and align with our clients (see section Progress update on our prioritised UN Sustainable Development Goals in our Projects and Innovations and the Progress update on our UN SDGs section in our Operations) and to ensure we maintain our focus on specific SDGs. Since our clients’ projects cannot always have only positive impact, our goal is to achieve a net positive impact by our involvement in these projects. The construction of a new road, for example, will positively impact mobility and economic growth, but will also change land use and emit greenhouse gas emissions both in construction and use. Our 4 Questions guide our conversations with clients and partners on these considerations, and help to identify where we can add value for society while minimising the potential negative impact of projects.

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How we Enhance Society Together in our projects and innovations and our operations

Procedure when conflicts of interest arise

Responsible and Sustainable Business (RSB) is integrated into our way of working and guides the decisions we take. However, in some projects, more extensive consideration is needed regarding our responsibility and sustainability goals. When a project should be handled with extra care (e.g. certain countries), this is considered by applying integrity checks that we have in place (see Acting with Integrity). In addition, we are guided by various international principles and standards, detailed here.


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Video: Reducing risks while adding value to society