Our Value Chain

Our mission to Enhance Society Together to help build a better, more efficient and sustainable society is applied in all phases of our value chain: upstream, downstream and through our own operations. Our direct impact is through our operations and includes the use of offices, our business travel and the employment we provide. Upstream, we can influence our suppliers and subcontractors through selecting, contracting and by working together on more sustainable solutions. Examples of how we contribute to the SDGs through our operations are shown in the section Positive impact through our operations.

Downstream, our clients have significant impact on society as they are government organisations, large companies in a variety of sectors, small and medium sized enterprises and non-profit organisations. By designing future-proof solutions for them, our services and projects influence their activities. Therefore, the greatest opportunity our company has to create value by enhancing society together is downstream with our clients. Examples of how we contributed to SDGs through our projects can be read in the section Positive impact through our projects and innovations.