Water for Industry

Creating a dialogue

Better understanding of water-related risk, improved mitigation measures and contingency plans are vital to the long-term success of business operations. By integrating sustainable use of water into processes and decision making, industry has not only the opportunity to meet increasingly stringent regulations but to move beyond compliance and unlock the economic potential of better water efficiency. To drive awareness on these themes, we asked leading voices in the global water for industry ecosystem to share insights, vision and future-forward methodologies. Read more here and catch up with our insights and inspirations here.

Selected highlights

“Industry must see improving sustainable water use as an opportunity that goes beyond compliance. Better water management and stewardship will result in lower operational risks, attract investment and promote competitiveness.” Lennart Silvis, Global Director Water for Industry Royal HaskoningDHV in Letting the water in: integrating water into decision making.
“There should be a horizontal integration through the digitisation of data from all the different players in the water network to promote efficient water administration. Governance is critical to counter a disjointed approach to water management within utilities and between utilities and industry.” Dragan Savic, CEO KWR in Symbiotic industry ecosystem for water-secure communities.
“While the world of investment can seem abstract, the same things that impact the real world, impact investments too. The issue of water security for example: industries can be highly efficient users of water, but that doesn’t mean that their water supply is secure.” Piet Klop, Senior Advisor Responsible Investment at PGGM in How a better understanding of water is shaping financial investments.

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