Sharing perspectives on resilience

Shifting perspectives to recognise the importance of resilience

In a complex and uncertain world, resilience is key for our cities, communities and systems. It requires a shift in perspective from short-term solutions to long-term future-focused preparation. It involves collaboration among industries and public bodies outside natural partnerships. For example, our ground-breaking sandscaping project at Bacton in the United Kingdom was made possible through willingness of public and private entities to work together to deliver a multi-purpose solution that benefits more than their own immediate interest. To inspire dialogue and collaboration across sectors, we invited leaders and front runners from public and private sectors to share their perspectives and experiences of the challenges and opportunities facing the water sector and their vision of resilience to climate change, extreme weather and natural hazards. What was clear from contributors was that the need for resilience should be seen as an opportunity and not a problem. Find out more about our approach to resilience in cities.

Video highlights

“In addressing climate-related risks, I see the trend moving from protection to risk reduction to resilience, where resilience combines hard infrastructure with adaptation as well as organisational measures, disaster management and early warning systems” Lisette Heuer, Global Director Resilience at Royal HaskoningDHV in Resilience: Addressing Societal and Economic Risks.

“In the context of the Sustainable Development Goals and an uncertain future, it is our preparedness, learning capacity and innovation that will determine our resilience.” Henk Ovink, Dutch Special Envoy for International Water Affairs to the United Nations and the first Water Ambassador of the Netherlands in Resilience is our Best Human Capital.

“It is important that governments get the planning right at the beginning so that we can reduce the risks and exposure of communities and organisations to extreme weather events.” Oluwaseun Oyebode, Civil Engineer and Consultant at Royal HaskoningDHV Southern Africa, and Tjeerd Driessen, Director Business Development Africa in Urban Planning and Stakeholder Collaboration, in Reduce Risk and Enhance Resilience.