Facilitating knowledge sharing with webinars and conferences

Helping the discussion on substances of very high concern in the Netherlands: New regulations are being introduced in connection with substances of very high concern. To aid understanding of the issues, we exchanged views with scientists and social organisations and arranged webinars for ports and chemical industry clusters in Rotterdam and Groningen. Government bodies and companies were represented at these events. We also wrote articles and a position paper to share our expertise and knowledge.

New regulations are being introduced in connection with substances of very high concern

Climate dialogue webinars: During the summer of 2020, we held three climate dialogue webinars to explain the Delta Programme of Spatial Adaptation, from climate stress tests to implementation. We shared our knowledge and experiences and answered questions from the public. The webinar was open to everyone and attracted more than 100 participants from water boards, municipalities and provinces.

Creating dialogue with our Aquasuite webinars: We shared information on how Aquasuite’s virtual operator can help solve key challenges in water and wastewater management.

Creating dialogue with the Dutch water sector through our water transition webinars: Issues connected to the need for a transition to sustainable systems were discussed during five inspiring sessions.

Participating in dialogues through external webinars and podcasts on governance of resources, water management and innovation: We joined India’s virtual Water Innovation Week and a Rebuilding Better webinar of the Green Growth Knowledge Network.

External webinars on water resilient cities: We presented a webinar on nature-based solutions in cities within the Global Platform for Sustainable Cities, and a number of webinars for members of the Institute of Civil Engineers connected with the theory and practices of blue-green infrastructure.

Masterclass for the path to a sustainable real estate portfolio: A series of webinars focused towards stakeholders in the corporate real estate market explored issues connected with the energy transition for buildings.