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The power and capability of virtual operations in the water sector

Aquasuite virtual operator
Aquasuite virtual operator

The power and capability of virtual operations in the water sector. 
Our smart water technology Aquasuite takes over the monitoring and control of water and waste water infrastructure, providing a welcome solution for water companies struggling with a shortage of operators. More than that, through predictive analytics and machine learning, it optimises performance. During 2020, a webinar series provided insight and guidance into how Aquasuite’s virtual operator can help solve key challenges in water and wastewater management.


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Video: Using advanced risk modelling - Rowan Douglas

Predictive digital twins and AI boost efficiency in waste clean-up programme

A massive clean-up operation of 250 million litres of nuclear waste from a 1,500km2 area in Washington state in America is benefitting from the use of predictive digital twins and Artificial Intelligence (AI). Lanner, a company of Royal HaskoningDHV, is helping to put the operation at the vanguard of predictive simulation using digital twins to support safe efficient clean up. The creation of a digital ecosystem helped uncover bottlenecks enabling investment to be directed more efficiently. Now digital twin capabilities are evolving to facilitate better, faster decision making. This has included an app which makes cloud-based experimentation possible, providing power and speed to run ‘what if’ scenarios. The result cuts the time taken to answer a standard 80-scenario question from around 25 days to just 2-4 days. Using predictive simulation to inform decision making is boosting efficiency and reducing human error, while enabling the operations team to meet throughput targets. Read more here.

Washington River Protection Solutions
Washington River Protection Solutions