SDG 8: Decent Work and Economic Growth

SDG 8 - Decent Work and Economic growth

Society as a whole benefits when more people are being productive and contributing to their country’s growth. Productive employment and decent work are key elements to achieving fair globalisation and poverty reduction. Within our organisation we are involved in initiatives to broaden access to the labour market. To manage our corporate social value and project obligations in relation to social return, we have purchased WIZZR-BIZZ. This application supports us in matching our social return efforts (employees with a distance to the labour market) and initiatives to teach and educate people with a distance to the labour market) with our obligations in projects, mainly requested by local governments in the Netherlands. One of these initiatives is Playing for Success. The main objective is to increase the self-assurance of primary school children by stimulating their socio-emotional development, resulting in fewer drop-outs. Our colleagues teach skills connected with engineering and sustainability in lessons held in soccer stadiums, places with a high “wow” factor. More information on social return in our operations is shared in section Partnerships for Sustainable Procurement.