Green hydrogen

Preparing the way for green hydrogen generation at scale

Visual GigaWatt Electrolyser
Visual GigaWatt Electrolyser

Green hydrogen – produced without carbon emissions – is expected to play an important role in a sustainable CO2-free Netherlands. It is generated using an electrolyser fed by wind and/or solar energy. While the technologies involved in generation are known, the scale required to meet industry demand is new. Although innovations are needed to achieve the necessary scaling up, we have drawn up a plot plan for electrolysers so that regions can work out how a GigaWatt electrolyser can fit into their spatial plans. We have also been working for the Hydrohub Innovation Programme, set up by the Institute for Sustainable Process Technology (ISPT). It is carrying out studies to investigate what future hydrogen consumption and the chain is expected to look like. To identify the potential need for industrial applications, we have made a conceptual analysis based on our knowledge of the Dutch market. These insights form the basis of follow-up studies to map out the entire international chain.


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