Collaboration, co-creation and partnerships are integral to the way we work. It is through sharing ideas and working together that we build momentum and accelerate innovation. These form the basis of the way we approach Responsible and Sustainable Business. Structured stakeholder dialogue is one of the ways we achieve this, based on:

  • client feedback;

  • round tables and client events;

  • employee feedback;

  • meetings with local and international NGOs and governmental agencies.

During 2020 most physical events and meetings were unable to take place but interactions through conferences, webinars and meetings continued online. Feedback obtained from these interactions are evaluated and, where appropriate, conclusions are incorporated into our strategic development plans, sustainability programme and annual action plans.

Our strategy is also discussed and reviewed with shareholders. The annual Shareholder Meeting is attended by the Board Members of the Foundation HaskoningDHV, the Board Members of the Trust Office HaskoningDHV, the Supervisory Board, the Executive Board, the depository receipt holders and (on invitation of the Chairman) the representatives of the Works Council. This enables a dialogue between the Executive Board and various groups of stakeholders.